Main thread by MarcoNecroX


No introduction is needed. If you are here you have probably heard about
this mod already. It contains a lot of new stuff on top of the existing
Median XL mod by BrotherLaz. Scroll down to features & changelog for
more information!

Why should you play Median XL Ultimative? this has been asked several
times. The answer for this is 'why shouldnt you?'. This is still Median XL.
The base is still the same, many people have wondered if this mod is
a full conversion, it is not, it just adds a bunch of new content. You might
been wondering who the hell I am, I'm just a very old player that knows
this community very well, I've seen all reactions to changes laz has
made so I know pretty well what this community wants from a mod.
Basically, if you like Median XL, you should like this version too!


Median XL: Ultimative by MarcoNecroX.

Thanks to:

Special thanks to Phrozen Keep & Diabolic Cartography and the respective map authors: Demon666, Drac0, Volf, cubaholic, Anson, and astalion! These maps were also modified and improved by me.

And thanks to RollsRoyce, AuB, WarlordOfBlood, Iwansquall, MUS01, Rexxar, bardamu, vadust, etc. for general supporting, clarifications, ideas, suggetions and whatever. I cannot list all, so thanks to everyone that has been there from a start and helped this mod to grow to what it has become today!